UPDATED - Chuck Missler exposes himself in plagiarism “DAMAGE CONTROL”

 Chuck Missler exposes himself in plagiarism “DAMAGE CONTROL

Chuck Missler transforms plagiarism in to “sloppiness”-
Transforms page by page, word by word in to “snippets” & “personal notes” to the gullible

Romans 16:18 –For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple (gullible).”

Romans 16:18 –For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple (gullible).”

The August 20, 2013 DAMAGE CONTROL video clip 

Link to above video clip on YouTube Channel CLICK HERE

Transcript of Chuck Missler -

“Hi this is Chuck Missler and I’m on a difficult errand. It’s an apology and a correction that is tragically overdue. Many of you are familiar with my book ‘Cosmic Codes - Hidden messages from the edge of eternity’ and uh if you look at the front of it there is a page called ‘Acknowledgements’ that needs some correction. Allow me to read the first paragraph because it really communicates the essence here -

This book draws on over 50 years of collecting snippets from a hobby of discovery as well as a technical career in the information sciences. It is certain that there remains indebtedness that has gone unacknowledged. As one accumulates personal notes from lectures, conferences, and other encounters, many of them private and then assembles them in to various informal presentations over several decades of speaking, some of the source annotations are incred…understandably lost.

Now then follows a couple of paragraphs of specifics but there is a very important one that desperately needs to be added. And we’re going to take this page and reprint it and put it in the remaining unsold volumes.

A paragraph will be added after what I just read it’ll say “It has been called to our attention that substantial discussions e.g. on pages 308 to 309, 329 to 330 and 336 to 341 were drawn from Michael Talbot’s “The Holographic Universe”, that’s New York 1992, without proper and adequate attributions. Subsequent printings will of course repair these credits and omissions. And then following this will the remaining four paragraphs of other indebtedness uh continue to be acknowledged and there is no excuse for the sloppiness that led to this lack of attribution, but we want to repair it as rapidly and as quickly as we can. We certainly apologize for the confusion, it’ll give our supporters an opportunity to be charitable and it’ll give our adversaries an opportunity to blaspheme (laughing/smirk). But we appreciate the support that we’ve had in all of this and we’re going to be as diligent as we can to make sure this doesn’t ever repeat itself again. Thank you very much.”

The Timing of the “DAMAGE CONTROL

The discovery of plagiarism by Gaylene Goodroad was made public on August 7th and posted on the Herescope website.

Ephesians 5:11 Blog posted the article exposing this and revealed how most of the bogus “Di$cernment” “Mini$trie$” were not only silent on this but also silent on Chuck Missler’s 2006 endorsement of Rick Warren even though they all go after Rick Warren.

We find it very interesting that nothing was done by Chuck Missler until we posted the article revealing this 2 weeks AFTER Herescope posted Gaylene Goodroad’s exposing article. The same exact day we post our article, Chuck Missler places his 156 second video up. Lyonshead Media Ltd. is Ron Matsen’s company who is attached to Chuck Missler.

QUICK SIDE-NOTE - While "Plagiarism" is the focus of Chuck Missler's "Damage Control", we need to remember the subject is Michael Talbot's New Age book. Chuck Missler used New Age material, that really is the greater issue here. So really, Chuck Missler is doing "Damage Control" on plagiarizing New Age material. Notice Chuck Missler only addressed the plagiarism part, not the New Age part.

Plagiarism “DAMAGE CONTROL” mirrors Necromancy “DAMAGE CONTROL

All timing aside, this freshest “apology for sloppiness” reminds us of the bogus “Damage Control” Chuck Missler did back in January of 2012 when it was discovered Chuck Missler endorsed the book, ‘Have Heart’ that promoted Necromancy.

Link to above CLICK HERE

At that time, the book was nearly 2 years old, Chuck Missler had hosted a conference in Tennessee where the author of the book, Steve Berger, spoke about it.

Link to above CLICK HERE

Then many of the bogus “Di$cernment” “Mini$trie$” all did a “coincidental” book review on the nearly two year old book all at the same time. They devoted one and a half sentences on Chuck Missler in the review, basically “glossing over” Chuck Missler.

Then Chuck Missler rolled out the “DAMAGE CONTROL” on Facebook January 9, 2012 right after the “glossing over” book reviews stating he never read the entire book (that he endorsed & hosted at a conference). 

Link to above CLICK HERE (scroll down to January 9, 2012 on right hand side)

"...Breach of our normal protocol..." - INCREDULOUS!!
The bogus Facebook “DAMAGE CONTROL” didn’t happen until the bogus “Di$cernment” “Mini$trie$” all did the “coincidental” bogus book review on a nearly 2 year old book all at the same time. See how it works? See how things are “controlled” to the blinded masses?

First it is EXPOSED, then comes the “DAMAGE CONTROL

It’s all documented in these two articles -

January 8, 2012 –

January 14, 2012 -

Note on what Chuck Missler said in latest plagiarism “DAMAGE CONTROL

I guess any author could place a sort of “blanket acknowledgment” in every book to “cover” for anything plagiarized. This would cover for any sort of “future discovery” of plagiarism in the book.

Chuck Missler refers to “Snippets” and “Personal notes”, making it sound like a sort of small “sound bites” of information. You know, “snippets” and “personal notes”.

In reality, Chuck Missler copied page for page and word for word.

No “snippets”, no “personal notes”, but pages and word for word.

This is incredulous. To see the response from the gullible is alarming. They “buy” whatever they are being sold. No being “wise a serpents”, no “being as the Bereans”, just disobediently trusting men (Jeremiah 17:5) without checking the fruit Jesus told us we would know them by in Matthew 7:15-20.

Instead of Chuck Missler saying something like “I plagiarized, I blew it, please forgive me” Missler blames it on “sloppiness”. Blame it on “sloppiness”, of course!! That nasty old sloppiness.

Then, Chuck Missler laughs/smirks when he says “opportunity to blaspheme”.

To Chuck Missler- Does the Lord laugh at blasphemy? Your prideful quip exposes you further.


Lord have mercy on Chuck Missler and those who blindly, disobediently trust & follow him.

Romans 16:18 –For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple (gullible).”

Chuck Missler forming "partnership" with Tim LaHaye who took money from Sun Myung Moon

Link to above video clip on YouTube Channel CLICK HERE

Video proof of the LaHayes at Sun Myung Moon event

 Link to above video clip on YouTube Channel CLICK HERE

Documented Evidence on Chuck Missler





Finally, Ephesians 5:11 Blog just personally confronted Chuck Missler on David Barton & Ergun Caner at the Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit July 26-28, 2013 -


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